Friday, October 31, 2008

Please cut my hair mommy

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Like Daddy, like mommy.. like baby...

This is what we call "google jeep"

Guess what he found?


The one before


Sunday, October 19, 2008

Making a cake for Daddy

Daddy is away this weekend so mommy let me cook!

This is serious business
Lemme try some of this...
Mom... this is kind of good I think... is this cake only for Daddy?
I think I need to try some more..
Yeah. This is good. Really good.
I think I'll have a little more.
Mom wants you to look at my shirt
Oh.. yeah.. and the floor

Fall fun.. but I have a black eye...

The leaves are falling now...

But I still have my black eye from running into the bridge at school..
But mommy said she'd try to take pictures of the other side of my face...
But I keep smiling at her.. I hope she tries to photoshop it out..
Nope.. she didn't ..oh well..

Halloween Preview

Rawrrrrrrr. I'm a Dragon!!

Who looses his head once in a while...

But I have a tail!!
That Cache apparently needs to sniff.... dogs!!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Huntington Festival 2008

Aunt E, Mommy and I went to the Huntington Festival this year. There are more pictures to come but I won 2 prizes all by myself!

You think your strong Aunt E?
Look Aunt E, there are fishes!!
Wow those fishies are cool!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Pumpkin Patch 2008

Mommy and I went to the pumpkin patch again this year. She asked me to pick a pumpkin. I tried, but this one was too heavy!

So I took mommy's wagon and backpack and began my search for another one!

Ahh, here's one that's my size. Perfect!

Wait! There's another one here that I can get!
Hmm, I should look for some more.. I think...
Look ma! Here's another pumpkin!
THREE pumpkins!
[fast foward] FIVE pumpkins!

Ok. I think we have enough now mom.. Now, how amd I going to fit in this wagon?
Ok.. I need to move some stuff around here..
Ok! Done. Let' go Mom
I also got to feed some animals! I squealed when they lick my hand!
And I wasn't too happy when they ate the cone.. I thought that was mine!

Callaway Gardens, Pine Mountain, Georgia

Pictures from a short walk in the woods

Soda Shoppe in Pine Mountain, Georgia

I just got back from my business trip this week from a very small town in Georgia - Pine Mountain. They only had about .. 12 places to eat. One was this cute little soda shop we stopped in for lunch. Everything was "home made".

They still mix the syrup and the sodawater for drinks..
Bite size desserts